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Kuwait Real Estate Holding Co. - ALAQARIA

Kuwait Stock Exchange KSE    14 Jun 2018      4842.68     7.37
Kuwait Real Estate Holding Co. ALAQARIA    30 May 2018      28.7     -0.20

Company Profile

Company Information
Company Name Kuwait Real Estate Holding Co.
Established on January 19th, 1980
Address Al kebla - Al Korafy Tower - Osama Bin Monkez Str. -Floor No. 14-15-16
P.O Box: 26371 Safat, 13124 Kuwait.
Telephone 22323232
Fax: รพ22323233
Website: www.alaqaria.com
E-mail: info@alaqaria.com.kw
No. Of Branches
Principal Activities Owning stocks and shares in Kuwaiti or non-Kuwaiti companies, and shares in Kuwaiti or non-Kuwaiti limited liability companies and participating in the establishment of, lending to and managing of these companies and acting as a guarantor for these companies. Lending money to companies in which it owns 20% or more of the capital of the borrowing company, along with acting as guarantor on behalf of these companies. Owning industrial equities such as patents, industrial trade marks, royalties, or any other related rights, and franchising them to other companies or using them within or outside Kuwait. Owning real estate and movable property to conduct its operations within the limits as stipulated by law. Investing surplus funds in investment and real estate portfolios managed by specialized companies.
Equity Profile
Paid- up Capital 19,104,000 KWD
Share Par Value 100.00 KW Fils
Issued Shares 191,039,000 Shares
Board Members
Chairman Mohamed Barrak Al-Mutair
Vice Chairman Naji Abdullah Yousef Al-Abdulhadi
Director Mr. Meshaal AbdulAziz AlNassar
Director Mr. Feras Yousef Shaheen AlGhanem
DIRECTOR Mr. Abdullah Muhammad AlMutair
director Mr. Saud Abdul Aziz Al Mansour
General Manager Tariq Ibrahim Al-Mansour
Auditors BDO, Al-Nisf & Partners ,Al-Ateeqi Certified Accountants, Member of BKR International